Automatic weighing color mixing machine

Automatic weighing color mixing machine - Auxiliary series

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  • Product Features
1, Modular detachable structure design, saving space and cleaning convenience;
2, can handle up to four kinds of raw materials at the same time;
3, built-in suction control program, can save suction control costs;
4, using Siemens PLC control system, the United States imported gravity sensors to ensure stable and reliable performance, easy maintenance;
5, using advanced control algorithms, independent optimization, automatic adjustment compensation and vibration prevention function, to ensure the best ingredients accuracy, measurement accuracy error can be controlled at ± 0.3%;
6, color graphical display, touch screen operation, multi-language online switch;
7, weighing, mixing volume measurement mode to increase ingredients capacity;
8, with the formula storage function, can store up to 100 groups or more formula;
9, classified security password control and alarm history function;
10, the controller standard configuration USB2.0 interface, mixing ratio data can be saved to the U disk, easy to produce quality control;
11, with sound, light alarm, to facilitate the rapid and accurate equipment failure to reach the machine site.
12, all the parts in contact with raw materials are made of stainless steel to prevent raw materials from being polluted.
13, can be installed directly on the machine or optional tripod installed next to the machine.
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