55K+S2X2.2D 1L Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

1.Precised CNC to all process component;
2.3-axis CNC to process all mounting surface of the workpiece at one time
3.Back cylinder in the central , the clamping force is strong and uniform.
4.Die head torpedo is specially design, the parision shunt more even.

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To produce under1L product of PE, PP, EVA, ABS, , TPU, nylon and other materials; compared with other competitive machinery from other company, this series has the following characteristics:
1.Touch screen  interface is humanizing and clear, the operation is very simple. And the commonly used functions are made into shortcut button;
2.We have different die head for different material and different product;
3.Precised processing center from Japan to process die head, hot melt plastic flows smoothly inside the channel, no dead angle lead to black pellet. color changing, and debugging are easy. convenient disassembling and cleaning, tube wall thickness is uniform symmetrically;
4.Super hard tempered guide pillar and a full open template design, can install mold ultra long and wide;
5.Double pump design: two pump supplying oil in parallel when low pressure. one pump supplying oil ,another pump relief pressure when in high pressure. Low power consumption, low energy consumption.
6.PQ valve controlled hydraulic system , carriage movement is smooth and fast;
7.Template central stress design , clamping force evenly spread;
8.CE standard for safety design, focusing on the user security;
9.Japan inverter to adjust screw speed, energy saving;
10.Automatic lubrication system.

1. Power consumption saving 10%-15% compared with brand;
2. A high degree of automation;
3. Remote monitoring maintenance (wireless WIFI, 3G);
4. World-known brand for pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical parts;
5. Advanced CNC processing all mechanical parts, component are high precised;
6. Stable and excellent performance , high productivity.


1. Stable power and pressure supply, cooling water.
2. Timely cleaning, regular maintenance (replace hydraulic oil and add lubricating oil according).

Brief Introduction

55K+S2X2.2D Example 330mL sport water bottle , 30g
Two Station & double head Single layer Output 708pcs/hr 17000pcs/day

General Features

Carriage horizontal shuttle stroke mm 400
Dry cycle sec 6”
Clamp force kN 30
Pressure of Hydraulic System Mpa 16
Pressure of Pneumatic System Mpa 0.6-0.8
Pressure of Cooling System Mpa 0.2-0.3
Air consumption (estimated) M3 / hr 5
Minimum pressure for cooling water to machine Mpa 0.2
Power of pump motor for hydraulic movements kW 5.5
Power of servo pump motor(if needed) kW (5.5)
power of Die head heating kW 4.5
Power of knife kW 2
Total power installed (estimated, maximum) kW 30.2(35.7)


Screw diameter mm 55
Extruder rotating speed / 20~60
Power of electric motor kW 11
Power of barrel heating kW 7.2
Max throughput = PE kg/h 32
Max throughput = PP kg/h 22.4
Mould Dimensions
Maximum width A mm 250
Maximum length B mm 300
Minimum Depth C mm 75
Clamp open max daylight D mm 330
Open stroke E mm 130
Max weight of mould
kg 100

Production Possibilities

Max center distance mm 120/160
Max container width mm 140
Max container height mm 175
Max container depth mm 75
Container capacity (estimated) lt 1

Machine Dimensions

Maximum width mm 1930
Maximum length mm 3130
Maximum height mm 2100
Total weight kg 4400
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