75K+S2X1.10F 10L Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

75K+S2X1.10F 10L oil bottle blow molding machines can produce 188 lubrication oil bottles (5 L, 250 g) per hour, 4500 per day, and 1.62 million per year. Its twin station can blow mould containers with maximum volume of 10 L.

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  • Features
  • Technical Data
1. Its screw diameter is 75 mm.
2. There are up to six mould heads for forming multi-layer plastic articles.
3. Siemens PLC and human-machine interface are adopted in the electric system of 75K+S2X1.10F 10L oil bottle blow molding machines.
4. Yuken hydraulic valves and pumps are employed in its hydraulic system.
5. Plasticizing system in this 10L extrusion blow moulding device is of high efficiency and less energy consumption.
6. Parison injection applies highly synchronized single hydraulic cylinder.
7. Extruding cover is adjustable upwards and downwards. The mould head is moved by hydraulic power, and mold changing is convenient.
8. 75K+S2X1.10F 10L oil bottle blow molding machines adopt center locking clamping mechanism to guarantee long-term clamping force.

1. General Features

Carriage horizontal shuttle stroke mm 500
Dry cycle sec 13”
Clamp force kN 100

Pressure of Hydraulic System



Pressure of Pneumatic System



Pressure of Cooling System



Air consumption (estimated) m3 / hr 5
Minimum pressure for cooling water to machine Mpa 0.2
Power of pump motor for hydraulic movements kW 11
Power of servo pump motor(if needed) kW (5.5)
power of Die head heating kW 7
Power of knife kW 2
Total power installed (estimated, maximum) kW 54.5(62.5)

2. Extruders

Screw diameter  mm 75
Extruder rotating speed / 20~63/(20~78)
Power of electric motor kW 22/(30)
Power of barrel heating kW 12.5
Max throughput = PE kg/h 95(105)
Max throughput = PP kg/h 66.5(73.5)

3. Mould Dimensions

Maximum Width A mm 380
Maximum Length B mm 430
Minimum Depth C mm 115
Clamp Open Max. Daylight D mm 580
Open Stroke E mm 230
Max Weight of Mould   kg 100

4. Production Possibilities

Cavities   1 2 4
Max center distance mm / 170/200 85/100
Max container width mm 360 160/190 75/90
Max container height mm 160 160 160
Max container depth mm 90 90 90
Container capacity (estimated) lt 10 2.5 1

5. Machine Dimensions

Maximum width mm 2200
Maximum length mm 3930
Maximum height mm 2500
Total weight kg 6300

We provide free installation service to clients in China. To all clients nationwide and worldwide, we offer one year warranty time for 75K+S2X1.10F 10L oil bottle blow molding machines. During this period, broken machine parts, not including the quick wear parts, can be changed into new ones without charge.

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