85U2X8.5G Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

85U+S2X8.5G automatic blow molding machines are suitable for producing hollow plastic articles under 0.5 L and made from PE, PP, EVA, ABS, PVC, TPU, Nylon and many other materials. Leshan can also manufacture custom bottle/container blowing machinery for clients. Each 85U+S2X8.5G machine can produce 3300 bottles (250 ml, 17g/per bottle) per hour, and 79200 per day, 25 million per year.

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1.In 85U+S2X8.5G automatic blow molding machines, the screw diameter is 85 mm and center distance is 80 mm
2. It features eight-die head, double station, single layer and high production output.
3. Equipped with scissors toggle clamping system, molding clamping is of high rigidity, and the clamping force is extremely large and uniform.
4. With high accuracy linear guide rail, this 85U+S2X8.5G is with fast moving speed and stable production.
5. Power consumption is decreased due to double-pump and proportion flow valve. Besides, this automatic blow molding machines adopt automatic lubrication system.
6. It is configured with thickness control system and auto-scraper.
7. It could be optional configured with telemaintenance system

1. General Features

Carriage Horizontal Shuttle Stroke mm 750
Clamp Force kN 94
Air Pressure to Machine bar 6-8
Air Consumption (Estimated) m3 / hr 5
Minimum Pressure for Cooling Water to Machine Mpa 0.2
Power of Pump Motor for Hydraulic Movements kW 11
Power of Servo Pump Motor kW 5.5
Power of Die Head Heating kW 13
Power of Knife kW 2
Total Power Installed (Estimated, Maximum) kW 55.8

2. Extruders

Screw Diameter  mm 65 45 45
Type / 24 24D 24D
Power of Electric Motor kW 15 15 15
Power of Cooling Fan kW 0.3 0.2 0.2
Power of Barrel Heating kW 9 5.5 5.5
Max. Throughput = PE kg/h 60 15 15
Max. Throughput = PP kg/h 42 4.5 4.5

3. Mould Dimensions

Maximum Width A mm 600
Maximum Length B mm 340
Minimum Depth C mm 125
Clamp Open Max. Daylight D mm 450
Open Stroke E mm 200
Max Weight of Mould   kg 100

4. Production Possibilities

Cavities   8
Max. Center Distance mm 80
Max. Container Width mm 70
Max. Container Height mm 220
Max. Container Depth mm 135
Container Capacity (Estimated) ml 500

5. Machine Dimensions

Maximum Width mm 4930
Maximum Length mm 4200
Maximum Height mm 2830
Total Weight kg 9000
We provide one year equipment warranty, free installation for domestic market, for charging debugging in oversea market and all-life services. Equipment parts are free replacement for one year except for the rapid wear parts
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