1.History of Blow Molding

The idea behind blow molding comes from glass blowing. The first two people who are known to have used the blow molding process are Enoch Ferngren and William Kopitke. In 1938, they produced a blow molding machine, which they then sold to the Hartford Empire Company, kicking off the commercial use of blow molding. Due to the lack of variety in products that could be produced, the process was not very popular for quite some time. As more and more products were able to be made from blow molding, however, its popularity increased. A big boom to the industry came from soft drink bottles. In 1977, there were zero pieces produced for the soft drink industry through blow molding. In 1999, there were ten billion pieces blown for the soft drink industry. The number is substantially larger today, and is expected to continue increasing. The article is sorted out by www.china-leshan.com

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