Leak Testing Machine Unit

Guangdong Leshan Machinery CO., LTD is a manufacturer of hydraulic blow molding machine, and auxiliary machine such as leak testing machine (leak detection equipment) in China. . We update our technology to save the labor time and material cost in the process of production. Additionally, we utilize statistical indicators and quota quantitative index to control the production speed and quality. If you are interested in our leak testing machine (leak detection equipment) or other auxiliary equipment, please contact us.

Please call+86-757-29376175, Consulting order.
  • Description
Leak testing unit (leak detection equipment) is specially designed to detect the tiny but crucial leakage with the aim to improve operation efficiency and products’ quality. With access to advanced features and technologies, the result of our air leak testing turns out to be relatively objective with no operator intervention needed. Characterized by high precision and stability, our leak testing machine (leak detection equipment) has been pretty popular with our clients and widely used in food container, medicine container, chemical barrel and sprayer and other plastic containers.
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